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Monday 04 March, 2013

New Balance Launches FuelCell Rebel Professional Running Shoes

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This summer, the world-renowned sports brand New Balance launched FuelCell Rebel professional running shoes on the basis of the newly upgraded FuelCell running technology platform. With excellent energy rebound, it brings continuous speed experience for runners who pursue constant acceleration and improvement of their ability, and triggers the incessant passion for long-distance running.


[1] New Balance FuelCell Rebel running shoes


FuelCell Rebel runners are equipped with FuelCell midsole technology developed by New Balance Innovation Design Studio. They are dedicated to bringing more extreme speed experience to runners wherever and whenever possible, in order to break through the traditional professional design and inject vitality into every step of running. FuelCell, as the most excellent midsole material of New Balance so far, can help the feet respond sensitively and adjust the shoe shape dynamically according to running data to help runners speed up effectively.


FuelCell 5280, as the flagship product of the new FuelCell series, was created by collecting data from Jenny Simpson, the sixth consecutive winner of the Fifth Avenue One Mile Highway Race, who signed up for the New Balance Athletes. Adding multi-directional carbon fibre board to sole can flexibly accept tribal land from different directions in landing stage, and keep pace with the change of gait, providing abundant impetus in pedaling stage.


[2] New Balance FuelCell Rebel running shoes


The new FuelCell Rebel running shoes, based on the core design elements and concepts of FuelCell 5280, strive to benefit more advanced runners with high-end running shoes technology. The new Rebel running shoes are equipped with FuelCell technology on the forepaw. They have lightweight feet and excellent resilience. Compared with 5280, the structure and density of the materials are more suitable for the adjustment and design of middle and long distance running, which significantly helps the runners to run faster. Rebel uppers are designed with breathable 3D jacquard mesh, smooth and smooth toes, and comfortable fit to the foot. The outsole is designed with a unique grip reinforcement, suitable for runners who are used to landing on the forefoot or midfoot. Trace Fiber braiding technology is added to the shoe body to ensure stable strength support during continuous acceleration.


[3] New Balance FuelCell Rebel running shoes


FuelCell Rebel professional running shoes combine cutting-edge technology and ingenious design to help the smooth running journey, accompany the runner to fully release the speed passion.


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